We are an innovative and fast growing company based in
British Columbia, Canada. 


We develop remote sensing technologies with a focus on deep learning. Partnered with several research institutions to advance the development of aerial sensing technology, data fusion and predictive maintenance, we provide services to both the government and the private sector, deploying our intelligent sensor solutions to the most remote and hostile domains.

Satisfies all ISED eligibility criteria for Investment Framework, &
General/R&D/Venture Capital ITB Investments, 100% CCV.

Addresses some of Canada’s most important KIC technologies:

RPSAT; DSI; EO/IR Systems; Cyber Resilience; and AI.

Contributes to many of the Value Proposition themes:

Direct, R&D, Skills Development, SME, Exports

  • ​ Contributes to our Knowledge Based Economy and to regional balance of jobs in high growth sectors goals.

  •  Has potential to offer innovative, technology break-through solutions in many KIC segments including: Artificial Intelligence;Remotely piloted systems and autonomous technologies; and Defence systems integration.

  • Pro-active member of industry/academia/government collaborations including UBC & the STAR-West alliance - intended to ensure that Canada continues to innovate areas & remains on the leading edge of development in several core KIC areas.

  • TerraSense is committed to developing AI solutions that are resistant to the next generation of cybersecurity threats, including adversarial attacks against artificial intelligence systems.

Our team of industry experts are passionate about technology and pushing the boundaries of machine learning and remote sensor processing in
real-world applications. 

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