Maritime & Arctic Surveillance Proposal

Challenge + Solution

Satisfies all ISED eligibility criteria for Investment Framework &
General/R&D/Venture Capital ITB Investments,100% CCV


Addresses some of Canada’s important emerging KICs including remotely piloted systems, AI, and autonomous technologies


Contributes to many of the Value Proposition themes(R&D, Skills Development, SME, Exports)

Contributes to Canada’s Knowledge-Based Economy goals and the goals set out in Strong, Secure, Engaged

Proactive member of industry/academia/government collaboration intended to ensure that Canada continues to innovate in KICs

Provides technologies that contribute to the efficiency & performance of our national defence, security, sovereignty & surveillance

Delivers competitive advantages for both Canadian and international aerial platforms and ISR solutions

In response to the 2019 Department of National Defence Innovation CFP, TerraSense Analytics partnered with Transport Canada and the National Aerial Surveillance Program to create a disruptive new maritime surveillance solution. ARCTICMIST creates a fog compute network on board the aircraft for multimodal sensor data fusion and artificial intelligence in real time,enhancing operator situational awareness and mission effectiveness.


ARCTICMIST is an airborne artificial intelligence platform for maritime and Arctic target detection and tracking capable of autonomously identifying a diverse range of intelligence requirements including fishing and cargo vessels, naval traffic, threats to border security, and search and rescue. An ensemble of multiple neural networks process EO,IR,UV/IR and SLAR data in near-real-time, providing the operator with live tracking and alerting, and enabling analysts to rapidly search and retrieve video and metadata from multiple aerial platforms.


TerraSense has partnered with Beyond Aerospace, a leading Canadian aerospace engineering firm, to develop a cutting edge airworthy artificial intelligence processing system for real time on board AI.


The National Aerial Surveillance Program (NASP) operated by Transport Canada collects tremendous volumes of aerial surveillance data from airborne EO/IR, SLAR, and AIS sensors. NASP sensor operators on board aircraft such as the DASH 8 and DASH 7 collect and monitor this data in real time, working to identify maritime and Arctic pollution, monitor Canada’s extensive maritime perimeter,and support border surveillance and search and rescue operations along the Canadian coast.  The tremendous volumes of

data collected by these sensors result in sensor operator fatigue and reduced situational awareness, and make the storage and recall of this data particularly challenging.


The use of artificial intelligence for automated surveillance on board inhabited air craft and RPAS serves the additional objectives of mitigating human factors such as fatigue, training, distraction and bias, as well as increasing the persistence of surveillance without compromising the health, safety and comfort of aircrews. ARCTICMIST creates a digital “chain of custody” during processing, exploitation and dissemination of aerial ISR data  to mitigate the risk of adversarial manipulation and enhance the use of metadata and video in the prosecution of illicit activities.

Arctic MIST fuses data from EO/IR and UV cameras, side-looking radar (SLAR),

and AIS


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