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CRWN (Corona Recognition Wireless Network) is a high voltage transmission monitoring system with ultrasound and neural networks for smart Tx.

CRWN is for Utility Asset Managers. TerraSense Analytics provides accurate data collection and analysis for high voltage transmission monitoring using sensors ultrasound and neural networks, providing instant reports on issues and abnormalities to avoid down time and power outages.​ CRWN is a complete hardware and software IIOT solution undergoing field testing now.

CRWN puts in place a condition-based maintenance system to enable preventative maintenance, decrease power loss, and increase service up-time using an inexpensive industrial IOT solution. Smart transmission systems require near-real-time information collected 24/7 in all conditions - the advanced neural networks powering CRWN increase Tx uptime.

Fewer man hours of exposure to hazards will improve safety and reduce costs, enabling managers to deploy service vehicles with the parts they need to the infrastructure that needs repair. The right gear on the right truck at the right time.

See CRWN in action

High voltage transmission line filmed by TerraSense RPAS operators. TerraSense CRWN will use AI-powered sensors to identify corona discharge and damaged transmission assets automatically in near-real-time. Our RPAS FLIR and EO cameras provide high resolution imaging in support of CRWN data collection and validation.

Constant real-time discharge detection & classification

Rapid and effective tower inspections

Accurate condition-based maintenance 

Ready to get started? Talk to one of our experts and learn more about how using CRWN will increase your transmission system efficiency, saving you time and money.