MIST (Multimodal Input Surveillance & Tracking) is a complete ISR solution powered by neural networks at the edge and real-time data fusion
for aerial surveillance.

MIST is the next-generation mission-tailored artificial intelligence powered ISR solution designed to incorporate all available sensors. TerraSense Analytics provides multimodal input surveillance and tracking using mobile hardware for edge computation and off-line surveillance to meet NATO STANAG near-real-time standards across multiple inputs and operating environments. ​

See MIST in action

TerraSense developed the novel MIST 3D synthetic dataset generation technology to rapidly train the MIST neural network ensemble with mission-tailored target libraries. Watch a Textron TAPV armored patrol vehicle flown by TerraSense RPAS operators in partnership with the Department of National Defence to test MIST neural network performance against real targets.

Case Studies

TerraSense MIST

Challenged by the Department of National Defence to develop a novel aerial surveillance solution using artificial intelligence, the TerraSense development team delivered a prototype capable of real-time object detection and tracking using deep learning and multimodal data fusion on the edge.

TerraSense ArticMIST

In response to the 2019 Department of National Defence Innovation CFP, we partnered with Transport Canada and the National Aerial Surveillance Program to create a disruptive new maritime surveillance solution.


In The News

TerraSense Analytics awarded $977,439 contract through the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program.

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