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About TerraSense

We are the future of AI, bringing change and innovation in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.

We value:







We Live Our Values

TerraSense Analytics is an artificial intelligence company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, founded in 2017. The company specializes in creating intelligent surveillance and monitoring solutions using computer vision and deep learning technology.


TerraSense has partnered with UBC and Canada Transport to develop solutions for managing and monitoring hard-to-reach terrains. By harnessing the power of AI to combine data from multiple sources into one cohesive and actionable picture, TerraSense has developed two AI-based solutions: CRWN and MIST.


CRWN utilizes patent-pending AI technology and a new turnkey IoT network for remote deployment, bringing condition-based maintenance to smart high-voltage transmission. The technology has garnered support from utility partners for beta testing, and TerraSense has established strategic partnerships within the utilities industry to drive the technology from beta testing to commercialization.


MIST leverages AI and sensor fusion in aerial surveillance to enhance operator situational awareness, reduce bandwidth saturation, and minimize post-mission human efforts in video analysis and retrieval. The technology is currently in the pre-commercialization stage, with TerraSense expecting acceleration in commercialization thanks to the $8.9M IDEaS contract they recently obtained.

In 2022, TerraSense spun off its CRWN product into its own company,, to enable continued dedication and growth in the two very different domains. The new CEO of is Eric Miller, while Mike McGinty, the current CEO of TerraSense, serves as the Chair of the Board, leading the strategic direction of the company. Mike McGinty oversees the commercialization of MIST, while Jozsef Hamari serves as the CTO. The board is joined by Steve Milne, co-founder of TerraSense, and Paul Evans, CEO of CarteNav.

Our Story

TerraSense was started to build something that would make a difference. A difference in the world for the people impacted by our technology, the people using our technology, and our employees.

We’ve set up a company culture that is very open, transparent and gives employees a say in the company. That open transparency is in all our business components: salaries, job positions, and benefits. We wanted to really empower everyone working for the company and, along with that, feel that our culture basically vibrated through everything. We were not just saying it to be a quote in an unread HR manual; we are a company that is actually enacting this culture.

The work that we do is very serious, as are the consequences, but we do want to have people to come here who love coming to work, and love coming to work with each other, and that it is a fun place to be, where we have built something that is making a difference in the world.

I look forward to meeting those who join our team and help contribute to our ever evolving culture.

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— Mike McGinty, Chief Executive Officer

Our Culture

What we want to grow and create is a place where people are driven to work on their projects and not just busy-work. Where candid conversations can happen with anyone on the team. Where people are actually excited to wake up during the workweek and aren't just counting down to the weekend. 

Where perks and benefits aren’t just a marketing pitch to get you in the door. A company and people that trust you to manage yourself and your own work schedule. Where life comes first if someone needs a run to clear their head or to head out to an appointment. 

We actually care for what you do personally. If you’re working towards a 5k run, tell us, we want to support you in your personal goals and help you succeed there

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