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SILV is a more accurate and cost effective way to conduct your silviculture reforestation surveys.

We know first-hand that remote assets are difficult to monitor and are impacted by inaccurate surveys, non-productive land due to inaccessibility, and high costs for helicopter-based inspections.

SILV is the next generation of silviculture survey technology, delivered today.​ Identify every single tree on the cutblock in your ​stocking and free growing surveys. Go beyond a sample and work with a census. Species identification and tree counts are collated into density mapping and statistical products that help guide your silviculture. ​​

Identifying NSR patches on georeferenced maps provide our human surveyors the information they need to address problems.  

See SILV in action

Silviculture survey block flown by TerraSense RPAS during a SILV AI-powered silviculture survey. SILV tallies individual trees and maps tree density to greatly improve the speed and accuracy of silviculture surveys.

High accuracy georeferencing

Seamless integration with your existing systems and software

Robust statistical validation package

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