For Sensor Operators

Enhance global mission intelligence by sharpening the common operating picture through deep learning and sensor fusion technology.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) company (SME), in British Columbia, disrupting the aerial surveillance industry with sensor fusion and the utilities industry with IoT Electical Discharge detection.
For agencies who want real-time, secure, reliable information during missions, TerraSense Software provides real-time object detection and tracking using deep learning and multi sensor data fusion technology.


For ITB Officers

Satisfies all ISED eligibility criteria, addresses KIC technologies, contributes to many of the Value Proposition themes.

For Utilities

CRWN is a critical component for successful powerline maintenance and risk mitigation.


For utilities, who need real-time asset management analytics, TerraSense uses AI-powered sensors to identify corona discharge and damaged transmission assets automatically to reduce environmental impacts while mitigating risk.


TerraSense Analytics awarded $977,439 contract through the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program.

Our Partners

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