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We are a team of technology professionals passionate about machine learning.

We develop remote sensing technologies with a focus on deep learning. Partnered with several research institutions to advance the development of aerial sensing technology, data fusion and predictive maintenance, we provide services to both the government and the private sector, deploying our intelligent sensor solutions to the most remote and hostile domains.

Strategic surveillance

with artificial intelligence at the cutting edge.

We apply advanced computer vision with deep learning algorithms and AI command & control to create intelligent sensor solutions.

We develop computer vision solutions for

sensor intelligence.

Our data goes beyond the currency & accuracy of traditional sensor platforms.


Military aerial surveillance and reconnaissance systems using airborne EO/IR + radar sensors and deep learning.


Electrical discharge detection using ultrasound and neural networks for efficient transmission.


Silviculture reforestation surveys using drones and deep learning to count and identify trees.


Post harvest inspections using drones and deep learning for biomass and mapping



 TerraSense Analytics awarded $977,439 contract through the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program  

"The Crew at Terrasense has been great to work with on the projects that we require a drone.  Everyone has been very knowledgeable and up to date on current drone technology.  The pictures that we require from using the drone are sent to me very promptly and are of excellent quality.  I appreciate what the crew of TerraSense has done and look forward to working with them more"

Stewart Taylor, Canoe Forest Products Ltd.

Automated geospatial mapping using deep learning image segmentation and multimodal aerial imagery. Target detection, identification, mapping and measurement using neural network ensembles operating on the edge with low power requirements and no need for servers or cell towers.