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MIST: Multimodal Input Surveillance & Tracking

For organizations who want real-time, secure, reliable information during missions, our TerraSense software provides real-time object detection and tracking using deep learning and multi sensor data fusion technology.



MIST uses AI and sensor fusion to enhance ISR.
A low-SWaP computer deployed onboard the surveillance platform uses AI to exploit multiple sensors, providing contact detection, recognition, localization, and tracking in real time - no data link required.

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MIST Features

Enhancing global mission intelligence by sharpening the common operating picture through AI and sensor fusion.

Detection, Identification & Tracking

Accurate and automatic object detection, recognition, and localization

On the Edge

All processing is done onboard the mission, without the reliance on external servers


Persistent situational awareness enhancement

Sensor Fusion

Taking all available sensors & fusing the data to avoid duplication, creating one common operating picture

Explainable AI

Additional information provided by XAI to give transparency into AI decision making

Rapid & Cost Efficient Target Addition

A database of computer generated 3D models are created for low cost data collection

Offline Capabilities

No wifi or SATCOM needed for the most remote missions

Search & Retrieve

Eliminating hours of post mission analysis to identify targets

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