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Enhancing maritime and Arctic domain awareness

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Military people with drone
Naval ships on water
Actic testing of drones

ARCTIC MIST is our dual-use technology solution. A maritime solution used to identify a diverse range of intelligence requirements, including fishing vessels, naval traffic, threats to border security, illegal fishing, pollution, smuggling, and search and rescue missions.


Arial picture of whales swimming

ARCTIC MIST enhances airborne surveillance using AI and sensor fusion to improve operator situational awareness while reducing bandwidth saturation and post-mission human efforts in video analysis and retrieval.

Environmental monitoring and assessment



  • Very hardware’s small size and weight allow for the integration of ARCTIC MIST aboard almost any aircraft.

  • ARCTIC MIST’s on-board processing avoids the need for external connection, allowing for faster and more efficient data transfer. Sensitive to bandwidth space.

  • Persistent situational awareness enhancement.

  • Dedicated low-power processors run separate neural networks for each sensor input.

  • No Wi-Fi or SATCOM needed for the most remote missions.

  • Additional information provided by XAI to give transparency into AI decision making.

  • A database of computer generated 3D models are created for low cost data collection.

  • Onboard environmental monitoring and assessment applications for emergency situations involving fishing and cargo vessel tracking, naval traffic, border security threats, search and rescue missions, whale monitoring, and pollution events like oil spills.

Iceberg Lake background

Made possible thanks to

1.1 million

received from Transport Canada

2.5 million

federally-funded Two Phase DRDC CSSP


IDEaS 1A Challenge funding for SeaMIST

Transport Canada Remote Aircraft

Whale Seeker Partnership

Utilizing WhaleSeeker’s revolutionary mammal remote detection, TerraSense is supporting Transport Canada’s mission to pinpoint North Atlantic right whales that may be in dangerous shipping lanes.

Seals in arctic waters, on an ice sheet

Testing and Partnership with Transport Canada

TerraSense, in collaboration with Transport Canada’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) team, is bringing ArcticMIST to the future fleet of autonomous aircraft procured by Canada. 

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