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About TerraSense

We are the future of AI, bringing change and innovation in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.


Our Story

TerraSense Analytics is an artificial intelligence company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.. The company began focusing on creating intelligent surveillance and monitoring solutions using computer vision and deep learning technology in 2018.

TerraSense has partnered with UBC and Transport Canada to develop solutions for managing and monitoring hard-to-reach terrains. By harnessing the power of AI to combine data from multiple sources into one cohesive and actionable picture, TerraSense has developed two AI-based solutions: CRWN and MIST.

MIST leverages AI and sensor fusion in aerial surveillance to enhance operator situational awareness, reduce bandwidth saturation, and minimize post-mission human efforts in video analysis and retrieval. The technology is currently in the pre-commercialization stage, with TerraSense expecting an acceleration in commercialization thanks to the $8.9M IDEaS contract they obtained.

In 2022, TerraSense spun off its CRWN product into its own company,, to enable continued dedication and growth in the two different domains.

TerraSense continues to work closely with its partners to make the world a safer place, and is laser-focused on its mission to develop state-of-the-art edge-computed AI solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reduce human error across critical missions.

visual timeline of the history of TerraSense
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Our Culture

TerraSense was founded with a clear purpose - to make a meaningful difference in the world through our technology, benefiting all those impacted by it. Our company culture is built on openness, transparency, and employee empowerment. We believe in giving our team a voice in the company's decisions, from salaries to job positions and benefits, ensuring that our culture resonates throughout every aspect of our organization.

While our work carries significant responsibility and consequences, we strive to create a workplace where our team members genuinely enjoy coming to work and collaborating with one another. We want TerraSense to be a fun and vibrant environment where everyone contributes to our mission of making a positive impact globally. 

Join us, and together, we will continue to evolve and shape our unique culture that drives us forward. We look forward to meeting those who share our passion and vision for a better future.

Mike McGinty, Chief Executive Officer

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We believe in making a change for the better through technology. We work with government agencies, private corporations and b-corporations to make that belief a reality.  Apply now to join our mission-driven team and make a difference.

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