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The Future of Defence is AI

Our product

Multimodal Input Surveillance & Tracking (MIST)

MIST uses AI and sensor fusion to enhance ISR. A low-Size Weight and Power (SWaP) computer deployed onboard the surveillance platform uses AI to exploit multiple sensors, providing contact detection, recognition, localization, and tracking in real time - no data link or connection to the cloud required.

How MIST works

Graphic showing how drones and arial helicopters connect to ships
Picture of the technology card used in the drones
  • Target identification and tracking

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Enhance existing ISR sensors and platforms

  • Real time georeferenced data

  • Scalable technology

  • Monitor inaccessible regions

We aim to build the most reliable and trusted AI/ML software for governmental organizations and private sector firms.

Our Goal

Iceberg Lake background

1.2 million

IDEaS Component 1A&1B for MIST

1.0 million

IDEaS 1B MIST total awarded

1.0 million

IDEaS Component PIKE 1B total awarded

10.5 million

IDeas component Mist 4 total

*2.3 million

*Soon to be signed ISC contract.

the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC), the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and Canadian Special Operations Force Command (CANSOFCOM).

Made possible thanks to


  • Accurate object detection, recognition, identification and tracking are made possible using our own synthetic training data sets. During this data generation process, MIST’s AI generates manageable volumes of metadata to transmit to end users quickly.

  • MIST is edge-computed, meaning that all processing is done onboard during the mission without any reliance on external servers.

  • Live tracking and alerting allows operators to make timely decisions during critical and time-sensitive missions.

  • Our technology allows us to collect all metadata from available sensors and fuse it to avoid duplication, creating one common operating picture.

  • Capable of seamlessly adapting to various computing boards and sensor systems, resulting in enhanced cost-efficiency and versatility

  • With MIST's offline capabilities, it can function without wired networks, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even off the grid.

  • We pair metadata with existing sensor feeds to validate object identification further and reduce the error probability.

  • Thanks to a database of computer-generated 3D models rendered and placed in thousands of contextually appropriate environments, we can provide low-cost data collection.

  • Our proprietary software enables the ability to search and retrieve metadata for post-mission analysis, eliminating the need for long and tedious manual work by operators.

  • MIST can be deployed on the edge, at a ground station or at a headquarters depending on the concept of operations. MIST works with multiple user interfaces including ATAK, ArcGIS, AIMS-ISR, and others.

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