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Our Team

We bring the brightest minds and best-in-class talent together working on some of the most challenging problems in the defence space. We care about our work and mission, but we know there's more to life than just work. If this sounds like your kind of fit, join us.

Picture of Mike McGinty

Mike McGinty

Picture of ​Jozsef Hamari
President & CTO

Jozsef Hamari

Picture of Cornell P. Pich
VP of Business Development

Cornell P. Pich

Picture of Alicia Schmidt
Software Developer

Alicia Schmidt

Picture of Tyrel Craig

Tyrel Craig

Picture of Garrett Urwin
Synthetic Data Engineer

Garrett Urwin

Picture of Michael Lombardo
ML Engineer

Michael Lombardo

Picture of Ryan Clark
ML Engineer

Ryan Clark

Picture of Sikander Randhawa
ML Engineer

Sikander Randhawa

ML Engineer


Picture of Nathan Smith
ML Engineer

Nathan Smith

Picture of Mohsen Zardadi
ML Engineer

Mohsen Zardadi

Picture of Kalvin Clarke

Kalvin Clarke

Picture of Benjeet Randhawa
Software Developer

Benjeet Randhawa

Picture of Colette Kobernick

Colette Kobernick

Man overlooking mountain views

We're big believers of 'work hard and play hard', and we're located in the ideal place to do just that! Kelowna has a little bit of everything for everyone. From award winning wineries to golfing and ski trails, come see what it's like to work and live in Kelowna, BC.

Life in Kelowna

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Ready to Join the Team?

We believe in making a change for the better through technology. We work with government agencies, private corporations and b-corporations to make that belief a reality.  Apply now to join our mission-driven team and make a difference.

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