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Come find out how we re-wrote "work hard, play hard" into "work hard, enjoy your life" with our culture, employee benefits, and perks.

Working at TerraSense

Company vacation map

Besides our amazing culture, we want to highlight just a few of the many perks and benefits we offer to our team (and yes we do have dental and medical insurance.)

Perks from day 1 of work, why wait for the good stuff?

Man overlooking mountain views

We believe that you can only give it your all when you're fully rested and motivated, which is why we give plenty of vacation time to recharge those batteries.

6 Weeks Paid Vacation

Our core hours are from 10-2, giving you the flexibility to organize your schedule with those hours in mind.

Flexible Work Hours

We cover all your moving expenses and throw in an extra bonus for you to use to play and explore Kelowna.

Relocation Expenses & Top Up Fund

We like to enjoy our time together. Team outings, while not mandatory, are usually on us!

We're Serious About the Extras

Iceberg Lake background

Our Culture

What we want to grow and create is a place where people are driven to work on their projects and not just busy-work. Where candid conversations can happen with anyone on the team. Where people are actually excited to wake up during the workweek and aren't just counting down to the weekend.

Where perks and benefits aren’t just a marketing pitch to get you in the door. A company and people that trust you to manage yourself and your own work schedule. Where life comes first if someone needs a run to clear their head or to head out to an appointment.

We believe in transparency, so we think it's important you ask us questions as much as we ask you. Find out what your future coworkers think about TerraSense. Ask us what our favourite thing about TerraSense is, or what our biggest challenges have been; we want you to have an honest perspective of TerraSense.

Already Applied? Here's What to Expect

To get a sense of personality and cultural fit, we’ll start with a chat with one of our team members. Bring your questions about the company, team, role, or products!

An Informal Chat

To gauge your technical aptitude, a team member, and our CTO, Jozsef, will ask you some technical questions.

A Technical Interview

We want to see how you handle different situations that you might encounter while working with us. There are no right or wrong answers, so come show off what you do best.

A Live Case Study

And voilà! We’re looking forward to having you join the team!

The Offer

When we're not in the office, you can catch us doing some of our favourite activities at some of our favourite Kelowna spots.

Our Favourite Spots

Person climbing a rock climbing wall

Gneiss Climbing Gym

Person brewing beer

BNA Brewing Co.

Winery feild overlooking water and mountain view

Intrigue Winery

Stay up to date

Ready to Join the Team?

We believe in making a change for the better through technology. We work with government agencies, private corporations and b-corporations to make that belief a reality.  Apply now to join our mission-driven team and make a difference.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We are looking for similar-minded people to join us: who are self-motivated, driven, but also can appreciate taking a moment to smell the roses, get a coffee or go for a run during the day.

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