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TerraSense Announces Spinoff Company, CRWN.AI

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

TerraSense Analytic's New CEO, Mike McGinty, standing in a black striped suit with his arms crossed in front of a backlit TerraSense logo
TerraSense Analytic's new CEO, Mike McGinty

Kelowna, BC, June 21, 2022 - Following TerraSense Analytics’ announcement of an $8.976m award through the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) programme, TerraSense is spinning off one of its products, CRWN, into its own company, CRWN uses IoT and AI to provide real-time insight into the condition of transmission systems from anywhere in the world. CRWN generates actionable intelligence to help utilities reduce their maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions caused by transmission loss, signalling when there is a need replace and repair components before they fail.

Eric Miller, the former CEO of TerraSense, has accepted the role of CEO of to help successfully launch the company. “Ultimately it was important to separate the two products, CRWN and MIST (TerraSense’s sensor fusion product for defence applications), into their own companies to maintain focus and velocity for both,” says Eric. “We are incredibly excited to take everything we have learned at TerraSense and duplicate all the learnings over to We’re fortunate in having a leg up in developing out to be another success story in the Okanagan Tech Sector.” Mike McGinty, recently appointed CEO of TerraSense, stated that, “we are really thrilled to see launch. Although the companies are separated, both of the products are focused on AI and Machine Learning. I think naturally the two companies will start to foster a data science community, here in the Okanagan. TerraSense looks forward to a mutually beneficial partnership and relationship with the team and company.”

About TerraSense Analytics

TerraSense Analytics is a high-tech company based in British Columbia, Canada, that leverages AI to develop remote sensing solutions. Founded in 2017, TerraSense's technologies efficiently detect threats and identify opportunities, increasing the accuracy and timeliness of object identification. For more information visit

About is a spin-off AI company from TerraSense Analytics. Headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia,’s main product, CRWN has been under development since 2019. CRWN deploys artificial intelligence and an advanced IoT network to monitor the most remote assets - constantly. A sensor is equipped to each powerpole and uses ultrasonic sound to classify different types of anomalies continuously and in real time without the need for an operator in the field. For more information, visit


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