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Not Your Average Tech Company

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

As a small artificial intelligence company in a smallish city competing with bigger companies, hiring talent in the tech industry is always somewhat of a challenge... especially being a tech company (because let’s face it, they don’t always have the best reputation).

At TerraSense, we’re proud to say that we're employee-focused, putting the “I” in AI and giving tech a human edge. Not only do we strive to give our company heart and soul and make it a great place to work, we also prioritize a healthy work-life balance to make sure our employees’ personal lives are as fulfilling as can be.

At work... and play!

Forget everything you may have heard about working for a tech organization, because ours is different. We don’t believe in micromanagement or working people to the bone. We’re all about accountability and empowering our employees to self-manage, because we fully trust them with their work. There’s never a dull moment at TerraSense: you're always working on really cool tech with some really cool people, so why should we take away from that experience?

We’re committed to shifting work culture to be more humane. Here, work is in harmony with play: between no-meeting Fridays, flexible schedules and team activities (beer tasting, anyone?), we choose to focus on the excitement of a fast-paced tech company and leave out the less appealing bits. And as firm believers in supporting local, we’re always stocked with fresh brews from our local coffee shop to help sweeten the deal.

We can’t sum up our company culture in one single blog post, but in short, we believe in:

  1. Providing a positive work environment

  2. Giving our employees the flexibility they need

  3. Minimizing core online hours

  4. Fostering inclusion and collaboration

  5. Offering opportunities to learn and grow

  6. Not taking ourselves too seriously

  7. Showing up as the best versions of ourselves

  8. Focusing on the big picture

  9. Making everyone feel at home

  10. Putting people first

We really do work hard, play hard, and we’re not going to lie: TerraSense is still a relatively new company, so the environment is fast-paced and occasional hiccups are to be expected, but we're handling our growing pains. And just like machine learning learns from its mistakes, interactions, decisions and past experiences, we’re learning from ours as well, because the goal is always to be better and do better for our team and for ourselves.

Our values

In less than five years, we’ve managed to build MIST, our proprietary Multimodal Input Surveillance & Tracking software. We also launched the development of ARCTIC MIST and most recently our spinoff company, CRWN.AI. It’s a big deal, but success isn’t just about business and sales. Our objectives matter to us as much as our corporate values do.

We don't need to have posters on our walls stating our values. They're an integral part of our company culture, which is one of transparency, support and inclusion. Here are some of the ways we embody these values.

Salary transparency and fairness

We promote gender pay parity, and our salaries and salary brackets are transparent across the board. Everyone knows where they’re at, what the next level looks like and what their colleagues are earning.

And instead of just increasing the salary range for a new employee and applying outdated pay grids to a longstanding one, we make it a point to be ahead of the game with competitive wages for everyone, regardless of their tenure with our company. No negotiation needed!

Continuous learning

There’s always room to learn and grow, so if an employee is hungry to expand their horizons, then we're happy to pay for that with a training and professional development allowance.

Diversity, inclusion and equal representation

At TerraSense, you can expect a work environment free of bias, discrimination and harassment, where all perspectives are embraced with open minds – not just by HR but across the company.

Come as you are! We favour the advancement of women, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities, and welcome all ages, colours, races, creeds, marital statuses, gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations with open arms.

Work with us

If you like the sound of collaborating with brilliant minds and working alongside leadership that puts people first, find out what we’re looking for and come join the team because we’re hiring!


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