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Kelowna: anything but ordinary.

With so much hype surrounding Vancouver, Kelowna is often overlooked by travellers and those who’d like to settle down in British Columbia. But make no mistake: this hidden gem reminiscent of Napa Valley has something for everyone—from stunning natural beauty to a thriving cultural scene, plus every activity under the sun.

If you know, you know. And if you don’t know, take it from us. Being based in Kelowna, we at TerraSense Analytics have been reaping the benefits of the unique and exciting lifestyle this city has to offer since 2017. Read on for some of the reasons we chose to set up shop here.

Something for everyone.

Sitting pretty in the Okanagan Valley, at the crossroads of the Columbia Mountains, Cascade Mountains and Coastal Mountains, Kelowna boasts a dreamy location on the shores of Okanagan Lake. With over 30 parks and beaches to explore, it’s easy to enjoy the great outdoors no matter where you are in this picturesque city, especially with hot summers and mild winters. If you can hike it, bike it, ski it or dive into it, you'll find it in Kelowna.

But this place isn't just for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. With all sorts of events and festivals going on throughout the year and a hip downtown area home to the Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna Actors Studio and Kelowna Community Theatre, this city is brimming with entertainment and culture. There's also a good selection of shops, restaurants, bars and craft breweries for days and nights on the town.

And if you follow the grapevine to Okanagan wine country, you’ll find some of the best wineries and vineyards around. The region is a mecca for Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, sparkling wines, and even ice wine. Kelowna also hosts the annual Okanagan Wine Festival, showcasing the area’s finest wines and attracting oenophiles from around the globe. Nothing to wine about here!

Quality of life.

One of Kelowna's major draws is the high quality of life. Kelowna has a small-town charm with big-city amenities. It’s also become a hub for the tech industry, with more and more start-ups and companies establishing themselves in the area. The unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country, and the diverse population makes Kelowna a welcoming and attractive place for people from all walks of life.

So, if you value a high quality of life, a growing economy, diversity, a good balance of natural and urban amenities, and a pleasant climate, Kelowna is the place to be!

At TerraSense, we know how lucky we are to call this place home, and we want our employees to feel the same way. That’s why everyone gets a generous six weeks of paid vacation, including a winter holiday break, so that they can maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and experience everything Kelowna has to offer. Just one of the many perks of working with us.

Sound like your type of city?

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