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TerraSense Year in Review: 2022

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

We’re closing the office down for our winter holiday vacations (one of the many perks of working at TerraSense). As we wind down, we’re taking a second to think about our year in review and all the incredible accomplishments 2022 brought in.

$9M+ in new contracts and funding.

Our amazing products, hard-working teams and great sense of humor (kidding, though we are jokesters) have led to us being awarded multiple funding contracts and grants this year.

Two worth mentioning:

The Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program awarded us a $199,754.70 six-month contract for SeaMIST. SeaMIST is an extension of the current TerraSense MIST (Multi Modal Surveillance & Tracking) product line, designed to enhance maritime situational awareness by detecting visible objects encountered in a naval environment using an ensemble of deep learning networks. Because SeaMIST employs infrared sensors, hazard detection and classification can be done in all weather conditions regardless of visibility and time of day.

We were awarded $8.976 million by IDEaS to further the development of MIST, our proprietary technology. This is the largest funding awarded by IDEaS to date. MIST, TerraSense’s Multimodal Input Surveillance & Tracking software, leverages AI and sensor fusion in aerial surveillance to amplify operator situational awareness, reduce bandwidth saturation and post-mission human efforts in data analysis and retrieval. Furthermore, the software aims to be sensor agnostic, capable of ingesting data from existing and future ISR sensors with limited non-recurring engineering requirements.

We’re honoured that others, including the Department of National Defense, see the validity and need for the technology we're building.

Launch of TerraSense’s sister company,

To continue with the growth and velocity that both (previous) TerraSense products had, we decided to spinoff the branch into a sister company. We’re looking forward to continuously pushing the boundaries of the tech industry in Okanagan, as both TerraSense and CRWN are at the forefront of AI and Machine Learning.

A growing team of experts.

With the announcement of our new sister company, we have also had a leadership change! Eric Miller became CEO of and Mike McGinty was appointed the new CEO of TerraSense.

“We are incredibly excited to take everything we have learned at TerraSense and duplicate all the learnings over to We’re fortunate in having a leg up in developing out to be another success story in the Okanagan Tech Sector.” - Eric Miller

We’re growing fast and loving it - this year, we’ve hired over 17 people to fill the positions opened at TerraSense and We’ll continue to hire in the new year. Will you be one of our new teammates?

A holiday celebration to remember.

As it’s become tradition, our team came together in early December to kick-start the holidays. There was good food, music, and of course, a gift exchange. Fun is a key value in our company, and we take pride in it. Want to get a recap of the party? Follow us on social media and don’t skip a beat.

This year has been exciting with lots of news and change, we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us! Happy holidays from all of us at TerraSense.


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